World Trails Film Festival 2022

8th World Trails Conference

Skiathos, Greece


Sept 26-30, 2022


relaunching Trails Film

The World Trails Conference brings together leaders from the global trails community, which makes it the perfect location to relaunch Trails Film after four years of growth and redevelopment. 

Through our four programs and workshops, Trails Film showcased powerful films from our 2022 festival lineup, introduced our World Tour programs, and delved into conversation on the connections between mental health and trails. 


Trails & Health Special Session

Mental Health Matinee


re-launching Trails Film

Our goals for Skiathos were simple: to launch Trails Film back on to the big screen four years after our first premiere event at the 7th World Trails Conference, and in doing so re-introduce ourselves to the global trail-building and sustaining community. 

Over the course of the week-long gathering, we enjoyed listening to stories reflecting on the films shared, meeting many new hosts for our global tour, and even meeting a few filmmakers who were in attendance!


Night-time Premiere Event


Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022, 7pm Doors, 8PM Start

Join us in the Open Air Cinema in Skiathos town for a taste of our new festival line-up. This program will include award notifications and an official launch of our global audience choice prize.

Shorts (How to host)

Session 7 — Hall B

Tuesday, Sept 27, 2022, 4:30PM START

A collection of short films with discussion for how to host Trails Film in your own community.

Trails & Health Special Session

Session 8 — Hall B

Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022, 9:30AM START

A selection of shorts accompanied by a reflection discussion in collaboration with Trails & Health Task Team.

Mental Health Matinee

Session 10 — HALL B

Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022, 4:30pm Start

A selection of shorts accompanied by a reflection discussion.

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