Trails Film Asia Premiere 2022

4th Asia Trails Conference

Taipei, Taiwan


Asia Trails Network & Thousand Mile Island Trail


Sept - Nov 2022


Trails Film 2018 Film Collection & Asia Trails Conference 2018 Honorary Trail Master Series


Sunday, September 4, 10am Start

Showcasing films from the first-ever World Trails Film Festival, which originally screened in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 2018. The first hour-long program contains Phil’s Camino, a feature film documenting a free-spirited man with stage 4 cancer who built a Camino behind his house before walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


Asia-Pacific Trails & 2020 Honorary Trail Master Series

Public Program

Sunday, October 2, 2022, 10am Start

October’s program showcases an entirely local line-up of films featuring local trails and 2020 Honorary Trail Masters. 

Trails Film 2022 Film Collection & 2022 Honorary Trail Master Ceremony


Sunday, November 6, 2022, 10AM START

A total of 11 films were screened in four sessions throughout the day. Through the local and international films, we saw the diverse possibilities of trails as a link between people, nature and culture.

In the four sessions selected by the curatorial team, we endeavored to expand the imagination of the trail and its possibilities with different themes. For example, in the “Protecting the trail, starting with the community” program, we can see how the trail organizations along the #ViaEurasia route connect local communities and artists, and how local culture and history can be linked by the trail as an axis through the multiple channels of contemporary performing art practices. Through two other film works, we see the cohesiveness of local trail communities in the UK: through long-distance hikes along coastal trails, the artists and advocators explored how people can take care of nature, the coast, the community and ourselves; through #SlowWays, the grassroots movement of urban trails networks that link 8,000 towns and cities in the UK, people explore how seemingly mundane routes around residential areas can become a network that supports the needs of local residents.

In the “For Trails We’re Here” program, 4 film works are selected to show the Seasons on the Kyoto Trail in the ancient capital of Japan, the humanistic nature of the #TransBhutanTrail built by the people of Bhutan during the epidemic, and the 83-year-old legendary American trail veteran #NimblewillNomad, who set the record for walking the #AppalachianTrail at the eldest age. The “Dance with Rocks”, which was a finalist in the World Trails Film Festival this year in Greece, leads us to review the working holiday recruited by #TMITrails in cooperation with the Marine National Park Headquarters in Taiwan on the four southern islands of Penghu, thus linking the #ecocraftingtrails with the vivid portrayal of local emotions. While the “3rd Honorary Trail Master Series” depicted three local trail masters of various ethnic groups from all over Taiwan, who have their skills fostered over the years of intersection of history and their home land.

In addition to the fantastic film line-up, during the Q&A session, we invited three directors of the local trails film screened on the day: Jean-Robert Thomann, Albert Wu and Mumgo Tsai to share their experience in shooting films on trails and their reflection after watching the film with us. Above all, we even get to hear from Lu Kun Han, a retired elementary school teacher and a local elder, for his impromptu Bao-ge (praising song) with the theme of “TMI Trails” on the spot!

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