Tamsui-Kavalan Trails Trilogy

A visually striking film about the past, present, and future of Tamsui-Kavalan Trails in Taiwan, and how Tao is found throughout.

In an aim to echo the pioneering history in which Taiwanese ancestors started to explore and take root on this island, Tamsui-Kavalan Trails (TKT) have been realigned, restored, and promoted with the efforts from governments, private sectors and local communities since 2017. This film shares how hiking on TKT, as well as on any other trails, is like a practice of Kung Fu and health as it guides your body in rhythm of the natural environment. As a result, the story does not only share the beauty of TKT, but also include the traditional culture like calligraphy, tea, and music to reflect the flow of history. Through the “The Tao of Kung Fu”, “The Tao of Ancestors”, and “The Tao of Health”, this trilogy encourages Taiwan society and others to visit the 200km trail network, hike the historical paths, and explore all the places where Tao can be found.


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