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Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail

Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail, an AXN original multimedia production commissioned by the Hakka Affairs Council. The one-hour documentary special chronicles the Hakka trail of Taiwan’s most iconic exports that is also a cultural and industrial link to the world. The series comes at a time when a new generation of Hakka youth are rediscovering their cultural heritage, allowing them to relive the history of how Hakkas, the Indigenous people of Taiwan and other cultures cultivated their lands in the past. Hosted by British photographer, Chris Stowers, and award-winning Taiwanese food and travel writer, Danny Wen Shi-Kai, the one-hour episode special takes viewers through Danny’s ancestral family’s journey through the forgotten paths of the iconic Raknus Selu Trail. There, they uncover intricate customs and stories of the Hakka heritage, revealing the culture’s impact on modern Taiwan – and a journey into the core of the Asian sentiment for community and tradition that surpasses time.

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Filmmaker: Kenny Png, Roger Cheng
2022 Films, Asia Pacific, Bikes, Features (40+ min), Film Catalogue, Long-Distance Trails, Trail Building, Walking