Tonight's Program

Thank you for attending the North American Premiere of the World Trails Film Festival! Tonight’s event benefits the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation. 

Thank you to our supporters for tonight’s program!

Tahoe Pyramid Trail, Carson Valley Trails Association, Tahoe Rim Trail Association, Muscle Powered, and Historic Virginia and Truckee Trail.

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Our Program Guide:

Our program links to individual film description pages for most films. To access, tap on the film’s image or title.


6:00 pM

Doors Open

Raffle Ticket Sales

6:30 pM

Program Start

Opening remarks by World Trails Film Festival & Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation


Duration: 4 minutes, From: Bhutan, Directed by: Sonam Phuntsho

Walking to people: A historic 3600-mile trek across the Middle Kingdom clears its first hurdle—the eastern Himalayas.


Duration: 16 minutes, From: Taiwan, Language: Mandarin Chinese, Directed by: Ming-Han Wu & Ming-Hsiao Tsai

The video records the hardship and challenges during maintenance, and how participants connect with the land through manual labor, but the most precious part, is the locals’ positive response and engagement in the repair process. As it turns out, the eco-craft trails not only repairs trails, but also brings the community together.

Duration: 55 minutes, From: United States of America, Language: English, Directed by: Eric Bishop

Follow the journey of three Black men, from across the globe, united to empower and de-stigmatize urban communities of color and their participation in the great outdoors.

8:15 pM

Intermission (15min)

8:30 pM

Filmmaker Conversations

Vanny Mwamba

Featured cast of Why We Walk & Co-Founder of Urban Hikers

Paige Bethmann

Director of Remaining Native (still in production)

Remaining Native Trailer

Duration: 4 minutes, From: United States of America, Language: English, Directed by: Paige Bethmann

Remaining Native is a coming-of-age story that intertwines a dark history with the hopeful journey of one teenager running towards his future.


Duration: 10 minutes, From: Netherlands, Language: Dutch, Directed by: Niels Bourgonje

While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.

Duration: 32 minutes, From: France, Language: French, Directed by: David Malacrida

Only a few months into remission from breast cancer, three friends set Marine on a new challenge: run nearly 100 km in the heart of the French Alps in four days.

Duration: 20 minutes, From: Japan, Directed by: Porter Erisman

A stunning journey through the sacred mountains and temples surrounding Kyoto, ‘Seasons on the Kyoto Trail’ takes audiences through the spiritual heart of Japan.

9:50 pM

End & Reception

Join us at the bar just outside the Celebrity Showroom to discuss the films depicted and continue our celebration of trails.