Sole Trail

Connor McClelland is an ultramarathon runner who works with the minimum to achieve the maximum. Living out of his car in San Diego, he wakes up at trailheads every morning to train for his biggest race yet: a 100-mile ultramarathon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. When he is not on the trail he is taking care of his mother, a woman enduring the hardships that come with Dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. Follow Connor’s day-to-day routine as he tests his physical and spiritual endurance and runs for the woman who taught him to walk. “The more you run on these journeys, you feel fortunate for having the ability to take on some of these events and experience what I get to experience. With everything going on with my family and my mom and her inability to walk she gets to live vicariously through me. She always talks about when things do get better and that she wants to start running. I’m a big motivation for her and she’s been a big motivation for me. I’m not really just running for myself. I’m running for her and my family.” – Connor McClelland


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